What comes to your mind when it’s mentioned?

A lake of fire where the most despicable, sinful, and indescribable horrifying souls make it their lair, whose only companions are cruel, ugly, and disfigured demons?

It’s also been said that war is hell…

Hell this, hell that…

Well, allow me, if you will…

A student crashes and gets killed on his/her graduation day…and the relatives…go through…

The only child of a couple gets gravely ill…mortally ill…

A long-awaited pregnancy by a couple finally comes true…only to lose their bearing fruit…(I knew personally somebody who had twins…they lost the boy{they were fraternal twins, boy and girl})…

The love of your life witnesses your fatal mistake…you cheating on her…then you see her running away forever…she never forgives you…don’t you wish you could turn the clock backwards..?

You doctor tells you: “You have 3 months to live…”

A promising sports figure loses his/her limbs…

You get the idea…those are true hells…believe me, you wish you’d witness hell with disgusting demons rather than going through these hellish examples…among others…

So how do we get out of hell, when we come to it?

Sometimes we can’t, we must accept our fate and make the best of our living hell to the best of our abilities…by praying for wisdom, strength, and acceptance of our situations…getting support from others, getting help in any way, shape, or form…just…please…don’t succumb to your personal hell…

Carl Jung said that no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell…

Fortunately or unfortunately, in order to grow in life, we must reach down to the fire of sacrifices so that we can grow to glory…

And believe me, I’m not a guy who sits behind this computer and out of his mind types and composes sentences to create this blog…nope…I’ve been through hell myself…yep…

I perfectly know what I’m talking about…in flesh and blood…

My personal hell?

Through court orders, through the long arm of the law…

I haven’t seen my children for 2 years…you people who have children and adore them, can imagine what it would be like to be in my situation…I’ve cried for many months being consumed by the flames of this hell, not talking to them, not listening to them, not even a single text…that’s not my hell per se…


What’s my real hell in this matter?

Thinking of the day when I finally see them(if I ever do) and seeing how their facial features, their physical appearance; if you will, would have changed…

Will I recognize them?

Would they recognize me?

Trust me…I’d much rather be surrounded by a thousand putrid, horrendous demons looking at me constantly than going through the misery of not seeing them

Welcome to my



School Bus Initiative

The focus of our last quarter has been working with local groups to improve bus networks. We believe that it is vital to provide transportation options for children living in rural areas. Thanks to our donors we were able to fund 50 buses and 200 cars that transport children to schools all around the globe.

School Bus Initiative

I love this project because as a kid I hungered for knowledge and I lived at times in rural areas so it was difficult for me to reach out to schools


We’ve all been overwhelmed by issues that crush our minds and bodies.

We’re constantly running away from them, but the antidote is very simple: face them with facts. Yes, facts. And there’s one sole, unique, and effective fact that will neutralize such burdensome issues: GARDENING.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. At least not yet. Gardening our lives is what I mean. For those gardening connoisseurs, they know quite well that weeds don’t thrive in well-enriched environments and soils. Wherever plants and trees abound, weeds are suffocated.

Let me get to the point. Robust trees and plants represent our lives. But if we don’t cultivate our lives, weeds—troubles, problems, etc. will thrive. The secret is to promote and fulfill positive traits–gardening our lives. Not necessarily positive thoughts, since if we’re burdened by grief, the possibility of generating them will be nearly impossible NOBODY GIVES WHAT THEY DON’T HAVE.

These are examples:

Get involved in things you love and/or are interested in.

Do small stuff for other people such as giving lonely people a small flower, listening to troubled people, or be prompt in lending a helping hand.

But this is the most important one:


Do things for yourself: learn a new language, learn to play an instrument you love, buy that ice cream you adore, dare to do things you’ve never done before, pamper yourself with varied things you’re curious about. And one final note:

Whenever you want to do something, do it! Don’t wait for later, the time is now, lest you might repent you never did. After all, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Now, go ahead and plant some greenery! Cultivate your soul with beautiful seeds



There is a determinant, crucial, and important battle happening.
It’s not a worldwide war or one that pertains to a conspiracy theory that is being fought clandestinely and/or subliminally.  It’s not being fought in an anarchic country by oppressed people against a regime.
It’s being fought in the most inconspicuous, unexpected place; yes, one single place…THE HUMAN MIND.
Such battle is continuous, fierce, brutal, agonizing…and it gets so bloody that it throws the complete, whole human being into a frenzy.  Actually, it’s the atom, the core, the genesis of all conflicts, which cause chaos and disorder at personal and social levels.  
It creates wars…for all of them got started from disorderly minds, terrifying sproutings that generated tragedies, death, pain…how does such madness come into existence?   There is one solely, tragic reason:  selfishness.  Once we stop thinking and working for the greater good, our beings beget such horrendous, dramatic monster. Yes, indeed, that’s the deadliest monster in humanity’s history.  It’s not the one we believed since our childhood that hides under our beds or the ones who are created in movies.   Such a real monster lurks in our minds, in our hearts…it prevents us from achieving our maximum potential by giving birth to his most terrifying son:  FEAR.   And fear is the product of lack of assertiveness, of wholeness…and what’s the origin of such anomalies?  A very simple, yet complex matter:  ALTERED EGO.  How does it get altered?  First and foremost let me describe to you what’s a normal, healthy ego.
It is very simple-our natural, innate essence as human beings.  A humanity that could live in good order…but with an essential purpose…to work for the greater good.  How does it get altered to start battles?   When selfishness takes place, it breeds distorted thoughts that lead to battling against the natural order.  But what about the victims?  That leads me to discuss that there are two dimensions: the distorted egotistical individuals and the victims; in other words, the recipients of such atrocities.  Let’s discuss the victims.  Tragically, such individuals suffer the consequences when the aggressor inflicts damage.  But this is another dimension…psychological damage is worse than a physical one since it leaves permanent scars that are only healed through therapy…and that’s where the main object of this blog begins…
The terrible battle is a sinister one, it happens within us…and it contains a primary  objective: to decipher once and for all an enigma, a mystery that generates the most crucial question in all of human history:

This question contains the answer to everything in life; undoubtedly, for a few have only been able to answer it.   Many assure that Freud is one of the most prominent figures in human history since he pioneered the study of the human mind, with his psychoanalytic approaches.  Did he try to answer such a question?  I’m not certain, but he surely got into very unfamiliar territory at the time:  an unknown realm.   The paradox is that humanity develops and succeeds itself throughout history, except in its own mind.  It’s as unknown as the bottom of the ocean…dark, unfamiliar, strange…scary at times.
Why the contrast between the search for identity and mental issues?   That’s a  complete study, one that takes a collection of tomes, not one that belongs in a blog such as this.  But all human beings struggle every day trying to solve this mystery, and as with all mysteries, it requires comprehension of such field.  The struggle is real, powerful, which if not handled properly, leads to mental disorders which can only get ripped; as I said before, through extensive therapy.   But the question remains:  how are the dots connected between identity and the mind?  There’s no question that everything is originated in the mind, but there’s an important piece of the puzzle that leads us to attain and grasp some knowledge; at least, of the human mind:  THE MIND IS THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN A HUMAN BEING.
Incredibly, our greatest power resides in our minds, not in our physical strengths.  Our accomplishments, our successes started by a thought, originated in our minds; therefore, if we struggle with life in general, we must go and ask ourselves how are our minds.  When something is wrong with our success, our life in general, we must meditate on what’s going in our mind, the origin of our accomplishments.  A sound mind in a sound body…the ancient Greek philosophy phrase reads…and it clearly is accurate.  I’ve never seen a negative individual with sound health…or vice-versa..a healthy individual with a very negative mind.  This leads us to believe that the core of all our healthy possibilities resides in our minds.
What we believe, how we see ourselves determine the outcome of our healthy life and sound success.  That’s why many psychotherapists suggest looking at a mirror and repeat to ourselves assuring that we are capable, that we can accomplish; with a few exceptions, anything we want to do in our lives.  
The human mind is so complex that it’s a double-edged sword:  either it destroys us from within, or it makes us go to realms and dimensions we never thought were possible.  It makes us reach the moon, invent…or…it makes us capable of the most horrifying things unimaginable.  So much so, that Hitler utilized his followers’ minds to convince them to commit the atrocities the Holocaust we all know.  On the other hand, motivational speakers utilize their minds to convince others’ minds to exploit their potentials.  Such is the ambivalence…the paradox of the human mind.
When we utilize our minds to either destroy or to build, we are trying to find our identity, that’s where the battle resides…who am I?



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